Just Another Girl

Just Another Girl
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Monday, September 17, 2012

Cold Outside, Warm Inside

Hey guys, how are ya?
I want to pour my heart contents like always, yeah haha. I heard someone said that I'm cold and silent. Yeah actually I was a bit sad about it, what they say about me. Now I will clear this. Yes, I maybe look cold, but I am not a bad person as you think, again, cold. I am the one who always happy and I won't show deep expression to strangers. And someone said I'm a silent person, the one that won't share stories to them. Do you know what's the reason behind this? No, right? Just don't judge people as you like. What if you walk with my shoes, I bet you will feel the same as I feel. Why I don't share stories? Because I won't like the comments that they will give. I know I am a boring person, who won't talk much. But I am indeed a person with feelings, don't you ever think a boring person don't have any feelings, kay? Well, thanks for reading and understanding guys :)

I thank God for what I have.

What I wear:
Blue Top - Bossini ladies||Jeans - Giordano||Moustache Bracelet-Adorableprojects || Mouse Shoes-Singapore

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