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Just Another Girl
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Raffles Media Gathering

Hello everyone! This is my 3rd post is about our college media gathering. So, my classmates who are in charge of this huge project has been a success. They were so busy arranging this event for the introduction of Raffles Student's artwork to be displayed later in the Graduation Fashion Show in the upcoming date in October which is not specific. And the rest of my classmates will make a booth in this event later, YAY! You all should come and visit my booth later ok?

Here are the pictures of the media gathering. Enjoy!

Stage for the fashion show, good thing they can change colors!

Guess who this is! This is Janice, my classmate, became a model for the fashion show in this event. Stunning, isn't she?
Photos of the models and usher in the backstage. So busy!

Beautiful Janice

From left: Ms. Fiona, Mr. Sanjay, Ms. Tanya, and my classmates who arrange the event. Applause!

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